Sub-sites is the biggest Norwegian site dedicated to news and information about anime, manga and japanese entertainment in general. is a websites dedicated to ball joint dolls. is a fan site about the anime and manga, Bleach. By the fans, for the fans. is a fan site about the Japanese group "Capsule". is a website about cosplay. The art of dressing as a character from your favorite show. is a fan site about the anime and manga, Death Note.

Desucon is the website for Norway's biggest convention about japan, anime, manga and much more. is a travel blog written by norwegians in Japan. is the website that started it all. A fan site about the anime and manga "Naruto". is a web site dedicated to the anime and manga, OnePiece. is a web site about the Japanese phenomenon Para Para, which is basically a form of advanced line dance.

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Japani is a website dedicated to Japanese culture, thereof anime, manga, j-music, j-rock, Para Para and cosplay.

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